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RRL-R3E-Season 49-FR X-90 Cup | Scoring, AM Cup & Iron Man Championships


Staff member
Events Coordinator
A comprehensive list of results and standings can be found at our league management provider, RaceApp:

[link to series results]

Qualification (Race 1 - main driver championship only)

Pole - 10 pts
2nd - 6 pts
3rd - 3 pt


Race points will be awarded for the following positions in the driver championship:

Points Structure 2019.JPG

Drivers must finish the race to be eligible to score points at each round.

Your worst round result will be omitted from your final points tally. This will allow for any planned/unplanned absences.
Final team points will be made by a simple calculation of both drivers total scores after the dropped round has been applied. Standings will reflect the dropped round score from when 51% of the series has been completed.

In the event of a points tie at the end of a season, the driver with the most wins will be announced the winner. If this still results in a tie then it will be the driver with the most 2nd places, 3rd places, 4th places etc until we have a winner.

Iron Man Trophy Standings

We will calculate the distance travelled by every driver in every race of a series by multiplying the track length by their finished laps. The driver at the top of the standings at the end of the season will be crowned the Iron Man Champion! However, in this championship, any race-winning or championship-winning drivers will be excluded from the results.

Simon Fillingham

Staff member
Driver Champion
Season 49 FR X-90 AM Cup

Drivers eligible for the AM Cup will be those drivers who have never scored an outright podium at RRL*. We are hoping this competition, that will run alongside the main driver championship in a series, will provide added incentive to those drivers who may not find themselves at the business end of a championship too often. Drivers eligible for the AM Cup will still also compete for the main driver championship. The highest finishing AM driver in the main driver championship will be crowned our AM Cup winner for that series.

To clarify, the main driver championship and AM Cup will take place in the same event. There will not be 1 race for the main driver championship and another race for the AM Cup.

*There will be exceptions at the admins' discretion. See below.

AM Cup Rules.

The following drivers will compete for the Season 49 FR X-90 AM Cup:


If any of the above DO NOT wish to compete for the AM Cup they should let me know by replying on this thread or by sending me a PM. Reasons may be that a driver is a newcomer to RRL and they feel they would be too fast to compete for the AM Cup or they simply only want to compete in the main driver championship.

If any of the Season 49 competitors feel they would like to be included in the AM Cup and are not listed above, they should also let me know by replying to this thread or by sending me a PM. Reasons may be that they had a freak podium result at an event or a podium was achieved thanks to a small turnout.
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