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S40 Tatuus F4 | Round 5 | 22/07/20 | Hockenheimring GP

Added to Calendar: 22/07/20

Simon Fillingham

Staff member
Driver Champion
Welcome to the RRL-R3E-S40-Tatuus F4 Round 5 Hockenheim GP thread.


Official Practice: 19:00 (60 mins)
Qualifying: 20:00 (20 mins)
Race 1: 20:20 (20 mins)
Race 2: 20:40 (45 mins)


ALL drivers are required to be in the PRE RACE BRIEFING voice channel for the Driver Briefing which will commence 15 mins before Qualifying is due to commence. Those that fail to show without prior warning will be given a warning which will also gain 1 penalty point on your Licence.


Redesigned in 2001, the new Hockenheimring Baden-Württemberg traditionally stages the DTM season kick-off as well as the final round of the season. The track demands precision driving, especially through the corner combinations in the Motodrom stadium complex.






All registered drivers are required to attend this race. If for any reason you are unable to attend then please state your absence below. If a registered driver is not in the server by the end of the briefing and has not given prior notice of late arrival, their place will be offered to any guest drivers that are present at the briefing.


Any driver who is not registered for this series may apply for a guest start at this event here: https://raceapp.eu/RRL1#/Events/4416?tab=bookings. Requests will also be confirmed, or left unconfirmed, on that page. Guest drivers must be registered on the forum and have joined our Discord channel and be present for the Pre-Race Briefing.


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Callum Morgan

Well-Known Member
My Race

Qualifying P11 (1:42.414)
Not the best I could have got but to get within 0.1s of my PB wasn't bad, I think if I nailed it I cold have got a 42.2 and would have only gained me 1 or 2 spots

Race 1: P9
A Bad start, I forgot about my launch control and used my clutch to pull away. slow start and I was on the outside for T1, I saw a couple of cars spin ahead so i went off circuit to avoid, then into the hairpin I was hit from behind by Fernandes somehow i avoided damage. I spent the rest of the race battling @Simon Fillingham @Jak Camoletto and @The_Bag_

I dispatched of Si after it looked like he got suspension damage after rattling the kerbing too hard at T1, as I caught up to Jak for P8. I was held up for a full lap by a backmarker, eventually I passed him and got back to chasing Jak for 8th, On the final lap I got to within 1 second, I reckon another lap or 2 and P8 was mine. P9 at the flag getting me a reverse grid of P6 for the 45 Minute feature race.

Race 2: P11
The usual bad start, even with Launch control this time. Fortunately I was on the outside again and kept it clean, At the Hairpin i was escorted wide as we tried to go about 5 wide at the apex. I continued at my own pace allowing the drivers from the back of the reverse grid to pass with relative ease, they're not the guys im fighting on pace, im too slow for that yet.... Around 5 Minutes in I went a little bit wider than usual and got some suspension damage from the exit kerb of T1 i carried on my battle with Ric and Jak from the first race and we formed a multicar train of slipstream.

I kept my pitstop as late as I could and pitted from P6 with 20 minutes to go, fixing the suspension damage as it cost me no extra time in the stop. i came out of the stops P12 still behind Barker and I found it very hard to pass, I tried a move at the final corner but it didnt work, allowing the cars behind to pass.

With a little over 5 minutes to go. I was in P12 with ric close behind and colin still slightly ahead, On lap 23 I finally passed him at the hairpin for P11 and chased Boswell for P10 with 4 minutes to go, I caught up to within a couple of seconds as Gerasimmtik went off on the inside of sachs curve, narrowly missing out on a second top 10 of the night

Thanks to the staff for organizing this great series, it looks like my practice is finally starting to pay off and the recent results seem to be heading in the right direction.

See you on Sunday for the Zolder 4 Hour in ACC.....
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New Member
Aleksandr clips the rear of Nigel through T6 causing Nigel to slide. Aleksandr didn't have substantial overlap at corner turn-in point so, therefore, was not entitled to the inside line. Aleksandr takes the position unfairly and fails to return it within a lap.
DECISION: +20s added to total Race 2 time, GERASSIMTSIK (3) failure to return a position when clearly at fault
While i don't mind the penalty, I believe the situation has been treated wrong. Nigel clearly had some sort of trouble making the turn because he was way to far from me at the braking point to make a move (pic below)
2020-07-30 1529 0001.jpg

and I certainly wasn't trying to overtake him. Instead I was defending the inside line from Ric behind me (pic below).
2020-07-30 1529 0003.jpg

And even though I braked early to maintain the inside line throughout the turn, Nigel slowed down even more and perhaps missed the turn in point (see pic).
2020-07-30 1530 0005.jpg

In fact, Nigel slowed down so much, that me, being about five car lengths behind at the braking point (pic 1) and Ric, being another two car lengths further back (pic 2), both caught up to him and, in my case, needed to brake additionally extra hard to avoid contact (pic below).
2020-07-30 1531 0007.jpg

In the end I couldn't avoid Nigel and clipped him over, but I don't see how it is my fault because it was a set up slowing down like that and then going for the inside line through the turn.
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