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Simon Fillingham

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I guess you're here in our community because like us, you LOVE motorsport. Personally, since i was old enough to sit in a go-kart I've had a passion for racing but to many of us the dream of making it to the top will never come true because of the high costs associated with our sport.
That is why, when i found sim racing a few years ago, i knew this was as good as it was going to get in terms of getting my thrill from 'motorsport' as it was virtually free and readily accessible.
Communities like ours exist to bring us sim racers together in a place where there is a fellow man or woman to compete against, well-structured races, rules to race by (and penalties when you dont!), stats to review, news to be featured in, broadcasts to be viewed globally and more! In short, we are trying to help give you the racing career you always wanted!

We enjoy doing what we do but like many things it doesn't come free, nevertheless, we do it for the reasons mentioned above and the buzz created by being involved in a busy community of like-minded individuals.

If you would like to help towards RRLeagues outgoings which include monthly game server rentals, software & website/forum hosting then Lee & I would be extremely grateful for any donation you would be kind enough to offer. Any monies received would ease the burden on our wallets and help keep RRLeagues in a position to deliver new features and benefits to you all.

In appreciation, you will get a gold banner beneath your avatar to announce you are an RRLeagues donator and all-round awesome person, and of course, a big THANK YOU in this thread!

Donate HERE. Thanks :)
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No need to that every time. The auto payments didn't work because my card changed, but it's all good now.
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